Web Cam Adapters
Web Cam Adaptors 1.25" OD..Rs.660.

Allows most popular web cams to be attached to the telescope standard 1.25" eyepiece holders. Simply remove the lens from the web cam and screw in the web cam adapter. You are ready to shoot.

The WEB CAM adapters are threaded to accept standard 1.25" colour filters.
The 1.6x Magna View Image Amplifier can be added to this unit to increase magnification.
  • Webcam adapter: Fits Philips ToUcam Pro II 840, Creative Web cam Pro EX / Pro NX, IBM PC Camera, Alaris Quick video web cam, Vesta Pro, PS39, X10 Xcam2, Ibot, Kensington Video CAM.
  • Webcam adapter: Fits Logitech Quick Cam B/W, Quick Cam Express, QuickCam VC, QuickCamPro, QuickCam Pro 3000, QuickCam Pro 4000, Web Cam II/III, 3Com Home Connect
    Standard Eyepiece Projection adapter And Web Cam Adapter combine ....Rs.1,200.

    Design to use with all web cams fitted with 1.25" T-adapter. This eyepiece projection unit allows you to increase (magnification) image scale by coupling the web cam directly to the eyepieces. This coupler offers a versatile range of camera positions to vary image scale. This is designed for lightweight cameras and is not for use with heavy CCD or film camera. (adaptable to imported eyepieces only).

    GSO Standard Eyepiece Projection Web Cam adapter ......Rs.2,460.
    includes: Eyepiece projection Web Cam adapter + T-adapter + Web Cam Adapter.
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