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There is currently three SUPER offers available.

Special Offer ONE: Free Shipping within India

Travel-Scope 70/400 Astro-Terrestrial Price offer Rs 4800


Big 70/400mm Achromatic Objective
25mm Kellner Eyepiece 1.25" OD metal body
10mm Kellner Eyepiece 1.25" OD metal body
3X Barlow 1.25" OD
45 Degree Prismatic image erector 1.25" OD
90 degree Astronomical Mirror diagonal 1.25" OD
5x24 Finder-Scope
Solar Filer USA making it a fine Solar-Scope
functioning Altazimuth stand - mount with carry bag - fits in to main carry bag
Carry BAG

The following items are FREE with the telescope listed above.
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