MOON FILTER   1.25". . . . Rs. 510
The MOON FILTER is a precision neutral density filters that spreads the Lunar intensity uniformly over the visual spectrum. When the Moon is full or nearly full, it’s disk appears blindingly bright with reflected sunlight. The glare washes out most of the craters, rills and other surface details. Moon filter reduces glare and intensity, thereby enabling you to study Lunar features in greater comfort and without spoiling your night vision.

Reduces irradiation, which is the distortion at the boundary between light and dark areas such as along the Lunar terminator. For Visual use simply thread these filters into the 1.25” eyepiece barrel of any imported or Super Astro Eyepiece. For an ASTRO EYEPIECE 1.25” OD an extra filter adaptor is supplied at an extra cost since Astro Eyepiece does not have an inbuilt thread to adopt this new variety of colour filters.6

MOON FILTER 2". . . . Rs. 840
FILTER ADAPTOR only for Astro Eyepiece . . . . Rs. 210
This FILTER ADAPTER adapts Moon Filters and Planet View Colour Filters which threads into the front barrel of the FILTER ADAPTER. This is to be used in conjunction with Astro Eyepiece 1.25 OD since Astro Eyepiece do not have filter adaptable threads.
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