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Welcome to Tejraj & Co.
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the largest, first and foremost supplier of a variety of precision Astronomical Telescopes, Binoculars and Accessories in India.
They include the Best Newtonian Reflector, Refractor, Maksutov, Dobsonian and Ritchey–Chretien Telescopes available in India.
About Us
"TEJRAJ & CO was established in Mumbai as a small part time business engaged in Manufacturing Precision Astronomical Telescopes, specially Newtonian Telescopes, in April 1976. The owner Dr. Raju Patel, has more than 40 years experience in Telescope designing and manufacturing and is an observational astronomer and astrophotographer for the past 35 years.
Our Telescopes for sale vary from Sky Watcher, Bresser, GSO and STARTRACKER System series that represents the finest, most economical and advanced telescopes of their types available in India and are very competitively priced with a wider range of accessories as per individual budget. We are proud to be our India's leading telescope specialists.

We provide exceptional after sales service to customers who buy Telescopes and Accessories from Tejraj & Co.

Telescopes sold on websites like E-Bay, Flipkart and Amazon have no after sales service. TRY IT YOUR SELF if you don't believe us.
We have supplied the best professional telescopes to amateur astronomers, schools, colleges and reputed companies in India.

Go through our large product telescope inventory to select from the best
Refractor Telescope, Reflector Telescope, Dobsonian Telescope & Binoculars in stock for your current and future astronomical needs.

Feel free to call us to address your queries and to speak to an expert.

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