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PRO series PRO-fessional Telescopes by GSO
  Rs. 33,600
  Rs. 46,200
  Rs. 75,000
  Rs. 1,47,000

Enjoy the proven design and performance of these precision professional Dobsonian telescopes with the breathtaking ability to reveal the universe.
Lower price than many telescopes having only a fraction of their ability, the professional series brings you the universe like no other Dobsonian scope.

We improve the way you see the Universe

SIZE: professional Dobsonian telescope offers you mirror diameters which let you get serious about exploring distant galaxy - clusters - nebulae. You can now see the universe up-close as it really is
PRICE: We offer low-priced Dobsonian telescope of remarkable quality, and we sell the precision optics which goes beyond other most brand. Every professional Dobsonian mirror optics is tested to beat anything in the field for brilliant, quality imagery.
EXPERIENCE THE UNIVERSE IN VISUAL HIGH-FIDILITY:Don't settle for less. Our PRO-fessional Dobsonian telescope shows you a visual equalized universe the correct size-to-brightness relationship of all objects viewed through a telescope.

There are lots more available - for free literature on Dobsonian telescopes as part of it.
Quality Excellence Award
Aug 2011
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