Finder Telescopes

A Finderscope is a small auxiliary telescope mounted atop the main astronomical telescope and points in the same direction. Finder usually has a smaller magnification then the main telescope can provide and therefore can see more of them sky. This helps in locating the desired astronomical object in the sky.
Finderscopes usually comes with a designation number like 6x30. Where 6 is the magnification and 30 is the aperture of the finderscope's objective lens in millimeters.

A 6x30 finderscope is the minimum useful size for a finderscope on an amateur telescope, and an 8x50 or larger finderscope is preferred. Many inexpensive telescopes come with 5x24 finderscopes or smaller, and in some cases the true aperture is even less due to the presence of an internal aperture stop.

Finderscopes most commonly come with three viewing orientations or two X-Y axis with inbuilt spring loaded.

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