Astro Eyepiece 1.25"OD
Are you in need of a good quality eyepiece / Barlow? Do you want to upgrade the magnifying power of your telescope? We offer fine standard eyepieces and Barlow lens for your telescope. Our reasonable parfocalised eyepieces are manufactured with a 1.25"OD American Standard barrel diameter.
Astro Eyepiece 38mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 660
Yields the largest possible field of view in a 1.25" barrel. It is superb for WIDE - FIELD scanning and detailed observations of large diffused subjects. It’s long focal length allows the largest exit pupil and highest possible brightness.
Astro Eyepiece 32mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 660
Offers a very wide true field and a wide apparent field, for dramatic visual effects.
Astro Eyepiece 25mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 660
Astro Eyepiece 20mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 510 Discontinued
Excels for viewing extended nebulas and the larger galaxies, and for moderately low power scanning of open star clusters
Astro Eyepiece 16mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 510 Discontinued
Medium power eyepiece, perfect for broad field lunar observations, medium size star clusters and a wide range of nebular objects
Astro Eyepiece 12mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 510 Discontinued
Astro Eyepiece 9mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 510
Highly useful intermediate focal length, perfect for studying planets, lunar surface detail and small clusters or to split double stars
Astro Eyepiece Kellner-25mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 840
Astro Eyepiece Kellner-10mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 840
Astro Eyepiece Kellner-4mm efl 1.25"OD . . . . Rs. 840
Soft Winged Eye Guard . . . . Rs. 120
Only for Astro Eyepiece
NOTE : These Astro Eyepieces are not threaded for photo-visual colour filter. Hence a FILTER ADAPTER UNIT is necessary when you want to use colour filter with Astro Eyepiece only.
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