New Astro Solar Safety Film
We stock solar filter for all the world best Telescopes (any make). You name THE MODEL and we have solar filter for any telescope aperture range from 50mm to 240mm

High quality objective - filters for observing / photographing the Sunspots, Solar / Partial Eclipses, transit of Mercury and Venus with binoculars, spotting scope, telescopes and camera

Specially CE-tested safety film with high quality optical characteristics reduces intensity of sun light by 99.999%. Astro Solar safety film is a specially manufactured streak and blister free foil only 0.012mm thick and attains the optical quality of plane parallel glass filters. The base material is not Mylar. The highly uniform molecular structure of this material is the result in nuclear elementary particle physics. The coating is subject to constant quality control. It’s reflective property of over 99.999% has been the German Republic Bureau of Standards and Conformity with EU norm 89/686 is certified with CE symbol. It reduces the intensity of sun light by factor of over 100,000. Coating on both sides of the foil ensures a highly uniform filtering. While neutralizing the occasional microscopic holes in the coating (which are also much more present n glass filters). One layer of this foil is sufficient for the construction of a safe, high resolution solar filter. The quality of the solar image is immeasurable, better than what can be achieved by using a so-called Mylar “rescue blankets” or similar materials, which must be used in several layers.

Base Astro - Solar is extremely clear and homogenous. It is specially treated 1) To absorb internal reflections (reducing haziness present in other films). 2) To reduce internal stresses which dramatically improve the optical performance over Mylar and similar filters. 3) Gives neutral white image of the Sun without any colour, against a black background sky
Astro-Solar filter is a very flexible substance by nature. When mounted in the filter cell, it will be quite wrinkled. Don’t be upset by the appearance because the best resolution is obtained when the material is slightly relaxed or wrinkled
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